Client Support Solutions

Whether its 2:00pm or 2:00am, we can be there whenever you need us.  When you choose our Client Support Solution, our dependable team of experts - who have an average of 10 years industry experience - will get your IT system back up and-running as soon as possible. And, thanks to our Escalation Policy, you can trust that all of your IT issues will be handled in a timely and efficient manner.

In order to fit your business’ unique needs, Kluetek offers a range of Client Support Solutions. If you just need help from time-to-time, you may want to simply opt for our Help Desk and On-Site Support.

Or, if you need access to us 24/7, our Emergency After Hours Support might be a good fit. This service will cover you for any critical issues that may occur outside of the hours covered by your regular service package. With this option, you can get in touch whenever you need help… even at 2am!  No matter what coverage you decide on, when you choose Level4 you’ll enjoy our company-wide Service Level Agreement. This classifies any issues into the following levels of severity:

Low – non-critical issues will be responded to within 8 hours
Medium – hardware and software issues will be responded to within 4 hours
High – server system failure will be responded to within 1 hour

Stop wasting time and money trying to solve the problem yourself
Avoid stress associated with figuring out what the problem is
Minimize downtime and maximize reliability of your systems
Utilize our knowledgeable team of dedicated technicians whose main focus is to resolve your issues and get your business back up-and-running
You many also be interesting in our Client and Server Monitoring solutions.

Ready to stop worrying about your IT systems? Contact us today for a customized quote for Managed Services for your business.

Client Server Monitoring Solutions

If you’re concerned that your IT system may not be performing to its full potential, our Client Server Monitoring solutions can help. The team of technicians at Kluetek will ensure that your system is up-to-date and working as efficiently as possible… all while minimizing downtime.

Save Time: get back to focussing on your business, instead of your IT problems
Save Money: identify and fix issues before they impact your systems
Save Your Sanity: minimize downtime by solving problems quickly

(You may also be interested in our Client Support and Cloud Backup solutions.)

When you choose our Client and Server Monitoring solutions, your business will benefit from the following:

Monitoring tools that allow us to comprehensively track your systems’ performance, minimize downtime, and proactively identify then solve problems
Asset tracking that lets us access detailed hardware and software information to ensure all of your systems are up-to-date.
Remote access means no more time spent waiting for a technician to arrive on-site
Patch management that supports Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and Java
Detailed reports to help illustrate your systems’ performance and identify areas that could be improved upon (including upgrades or replacements)

Managed Antivirus

Our Cloud Managed Antivirus solution is the ideal way to ensure your system is free of viruses and safeguarded from ever-changing malware threats.

There are many benefits of our Cloud Managed Antivirus solution for your business:

  • Improve efficiency with a solution that has minimal impact on system performance.
  • Ensure the security of your systems and business data.
  • Avoid downtime through the integration of real-time threat updates.

Stop worrying about your systems’ security. Contact us today for a customized quote for our Cloud Managed Antivirus solution for your business!


What you get:

  • Next-generation anti-malware technology. Real-time monitoring and protection.
  • Antivirus, anti-phishing email security.
  • Real-time threat data integration.
  • Incompatible software removal.
  • Windows firewall auto-configuration.
  • Server auditing.
  • Compatibility with PC and Mac operating systems.
  • Integrated control and seamless visibility with OESIS-enabled devices.

Why Back up with the Cloud?

In the past, most companies relied on magnetic tape to backup their data and home users either didn’t backup at all or just burned important files to CDs on a regular basis. Our experience has been that tape backups can be very unreliable for a number of reasons. Probably the biggest problem with tapes is that someone has to put them in the tape drive every day.

We found that in some cases people didn’t realize they should be doing that or just became complacent and eventually forgot about it. The other big issue was reliability. Tapes have a finite life and because they have to move to work they, and the tape drives, are subject to wear and contamination. Backups should be checked every day to ensure that they were successful and they really should be tested regularly to verify that the data can actually be restored. On more than one occasion we were called in to help a company that had a drive fail only to find out that their backups were either very old or non-existent.



Internet backups have helped to address most of the challenges we faced, but also presented a few new ones of their own. The first step to simplifying and increasing the reliability of backups was to remove the human factor for our clients. Internet backups, or remote backups, store the data on a remote server that is always available eliminating the need to change something such as a tape. By hosting a number of clients on a single server we were able to build in redundancy that would not have been cost effective for any one client. This meant that there was clearly a need to encrypt the data to protect it from being accessed by someone other than the owner. Even transporting the data across the internet would require encryption to protect it from being read while in transit. Our approach was to set everything up then allow our clients to set their own password to generate the encryption key. The encryption key was then used at the source to modify the data to an undecipherable state to be transported and stored on the remote server. In the event that they needed to restore data, the encrypted files would be copied back to the client’s server and unencrypted using the same key. Although remote backups are substantially more reliable than tape, they are not infallible. They do have an advantage over many backup solutions in that they can notify someone if there is a problem. This could be anything from a corrupt file to an internet connection failure.

For most people, the speed of their internet connection has increased substantially over the past few years. Even with the new technologies and lower costs it can still take many days to backup an entire file server to the internet. It is not difficult to backup the server to a portable hard disk and ship it to the backup host in many cases, but you would still be faced with getting all of that data back locally in the event of a major failure. My recommendation would be to keep a copy of the server backup in a safe location which can be restored as needed, then updated with current data from the online backup. Even if you feel that internet backup is not for you, please check your tapes!


Security and Business Continuity Services

We ensure your business’s data is secure

The challenge around protecting any company’s vital information and ensuring uninterrupted access to this data is inevitably a trade-off between approach to risk and budget.

Kluetek provides a consultative approach to designing and implementing affordable solutions to these challenges by coming up with bespoke IT Security and Business Continuity Solutions for your company. The key is that every business’s approach to risk and budget is different and therefore so is their impact assessment. Kluetek will work with you to define and implement the most appropriate security and business continuity solutions for your risk appetite and budget.


Help Desk

Whilst our Help Desk team are highly capable from a technical perspective they are also schooled in the softer side of service delivery, ensuring an empathetic approach to your user’s problems and providing a personalized service. Kluetek`s Help Desk is a Business hour manned operation delivered from our Operations Center in Downtown Toronto. We are experienced in transitioning and supporting 1st to ‘nth generation outsources and recognize the ‘leap of faith’ required on the part of the customer. With this in mind our aim is to as seamlessly as possible integrate with your pre-existing operations, whilst also recognizing the opportunity to implement ‘quick-wins’ to impress your users from the outset. 

We also Implement KLUECONNECT our own secure remote access portal. This can be initiated by either an access code between Kluetek staff or a pre-installed KLUECONNECT agent.

Service Features

  • Enterprise-ready 24/7 service (delivered across a global customer base)
  • Extensive remote support and management capabilities (99%+ remote fix)
  • Highly skilled Service Desk engineers (Microsoft accredited as standard)
  • Third-party supplier interaction
  • Enterprise class IT Service Management system – this can be extended into your environment too
  • Robust and extensive Knowledge Management process
  • Evolving 1st line Line of Business (LoB) support – our Help Desk is constantly learning to ensure we can address ever more at the first point of contact

The Kluetek Difference

  • Access to Service Desk ‘Pods’ and named engineers for consistency of service
  • Multiple Service Desk contact mechanisms to suit your user’s varying needs, including LF Live Instant Chat
  • Innovative desktop support and management processes with the ability to take a step beyond the traditional ‘remotely take over your keyboard and mouse’ approach
  • A commitment to industry leading First Contact Resolution (FCR) attainment
  • An underlying focus on user experience which is captured through our various methods of satisfaction polling
  • A flexible and tailored approach to service design – aligning to (but not being constrained by) ITIL