Service Management

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Effective Service Management is at the core of the Kluetek Managed IT Services portfolio. We believe passionately about building positive and enduring relationships with our customers. This is based on a foundation of excellent service quality supported by continuous improvement programmes to deliver real benefits to our customers.

Our Approach

Our Service Account Management team are Service driven rather than Sales driven, which translates for our customers to a focus on delivering Service excellence rather than a purely sales orientated approach.
As with all our services our approach to Service Management is tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. It is typically based around regular Service Review meetings which form the basis for our service improvement discussions.

The Littlefish service experience is underpinned by our Enterprise-class IT Service Management system which captures and provides the necessary business intelligence upon which we can make informed decisions to improve your systems and services. This analysis is presented in our monthly report pack.

Because we work with customers of all shapes and sizes, we can also bring the experiences of similar organisations to help inform your business decisions. This might be from a business in the same sector, of a similar scale, or one that has overcome the same challenges that your business may be facing.

The Benefits

  • Tailored approach to Service Management to suit your business requirements
  • Informative monthly reporting pack demonstrating service performance
  • Continual Service Improvement Programme
  • Shared experiences from other customers to help inform your business decisions
  • Strategic guidance to help define your IT roadmap

What next?

If you would like to discuss a Managed IT Services engagement with Kluetek then please contact us today to arrange a meeting and evaluate how we can help your business.